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Kenya Trip - April 2022

Updated: May 26, 2022

Our trip to Kenya in April was our first one of 2022! We flew out of DFW Airport on April 21 and landed back in DFW on April 30. Our team consisted of Steven Montgomery (President of ComNet), Hunter Howe (Director) and Alan Alarcon, who is coming on as a Board Member of Commissioned Network and is the cousin of Steven.

Once we landed in Nairobi on April 22, we connected with the other two members of our team, Geoffrey Auma (Kenya Director) and Michael Mwase (Uganda Director).

On this trip, our primary focus was to visit different regions in Kenya where we have active Discipleship Schools. While there, we hosted conferences that aimed to encourage, edify and minister to the students, teachers, pastors and locals. We were blessed to be able to host ComNet Conferences in Kikuyu, Emali and Kisumu.

After arriving and resting on Friday night, Saturday we traveled to Kikuyu to host our first ComNet conference for the students in that region. It was a wonderful time of worship and ministry. Each member of our team got to preach a powerful message, and at the end we entered into a time of ministry lead by the Holy Spirit. We prayed over the worship team, to

continue leading the charge of spiritual warfare in that region. Hunter also had a dream the night before and heard the name "Victor." We asked if anyone there was named Victor, and one man raised his hand! He came forward, and we all began to minister to him. He was visibly being touched by the Holy Spirit!

On Sunday, the team split up and went to three different churches to preach and minister during their morning services. During the service Steven was at, God used him to bring

about repentance, forgiveness and freedom in the areas of lust and greed. Dozens of people renounced lust

and committed to living a generous Kingdom life by once again giving their tithes and offerings to God via the local

church. Alan was able to minister faithfully at the main campus of Maranatha Faith Assemblies in Thika, and saw many missionaries commissioned! Hunter was at one of the other Maranatha campuses, and after preaching, opened it up for a time of ministry. There was a man there named Eric who had a bandaged hand, and agreed to receive prayer. His hand had been cut badly at work, and looked to be infected as well. After praying, his face lit up and he declared that all the pain was gone! He removed the bandage and remained pain free, even going back to work that very week!

On Monday, the team traveled to Emali to host our second regional ComNet Conference for the students in that area. This was a very blessed time, as each member of our team shared from God's heart and preached powerfully. As we like to do, we ended our time with

ministering by the Holy Spirit. Steven received a vision of a lady, and that exact lady was

in attendance! Her name was Vivian, and we were able to pray for her to receive the mantle of an apostle, which had been in her heart for many months! We also prayed for a woman who had trouble seeing things near to her, and even couldn't see well enough to read. After we prayed, she was given a Bible and began reading each word perfectly in front of the whole assembly! At the end, we called forth any person who had suffered any type of abuse, and who subsequently were suffering from heartbreak. Approximately 25 women came forward, and we prayed for each one. God was very clearly healing some deep emotional and spiritual wounds, and the Holy Spirit was really moving in their midst, meeting them in those difficult places.

Tuesday morning we boarded a plane and took a short flight to Kisumu, and drove to the home of Geoffrey in Siaya. We cast vision for some land near his home, where we will build a

conference and retreat center for pastors and church leaders to come and be refreshed and receive more intensive discipleship. Later that afternoon, the team went to a village nearby and did some door-to-door evangelism. One man who invited us into his home renounced alcoholism, gave his life to Christ, and his wife forgave him! Their marriage was reconciled, and the prayers of his wife over months were finally answered! All in all, we saw four people give their lives to Christ.

We remained in Kisumu into Wednesday, where we held our third and final ComNet

Conference. The team all preached faithfully, and we ended our time with some ministry. Steven lead off the ministry time by preaching about how business can help fund ministry work, and that we don't have to wait to be hired by a church or organization to do the work of Christ. This lead into the launch of Commissioned Business, and we were able to provide seed money to five individuals who felt called to run a business that helps fuel the Kingdom! After this, we opened the time up for anyone who needed healing or breakthrough for themselves or someone in their family. About 40 people came forward to receive prayer, and at the end, about 30 of them raised their hand saying they felt a noticeable difference in their body!

After flying back to Nairobi Wednesday evening, we spent Thursday and Friday debriefing from this trip, planning our next trip (details coming soon!) and shopping at local markets. Even though our time was amazing, we were very excited to go back home to our families! All in all, this trip was so fruitful and we saw many people encouraged and ministered to by

God. We are really expectant and excited for what God is doing in Kenya, and believe it will become a major catalyst for reaching the rest of Africa and beyond. Please be praying for us as we plan our next trips, and please reach out to us if you have any interest in joining us on a future trip!

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